Wednesday, June 19, 2024

32% of people in Malta never exercise

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Almost a third of people in Malta never exercise or play sport, a recent Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity shows.

The survey shows that 32% of people min Malta play sport or exercise at least once a week, while 37% exercise less than once a week. On the other hand, 32% of people in Malta currently never exercise or partake in physical activity. 

Overall, the Eurobarometer shows that respondents who engage regularly in physical activity for recreational or non-sport-related reasons do not form a majority in any EU Member State.

According to the respondents in Malta, the main barrier to be active is a lack of time (49%) followed by a lack of motivation (21%), or simply no interest in competitive sport (10%).

44% of respondents in Malta spend between 5 hours and 31 minutes and 8 hours 30 minutes a day sat down at a desk or watching TV, with another 9% spending more than 8 hours 31 minutes inactive on an average day.

The survey also shows that the main reason to be active is to improve one’s health, followed by relaxation and the wish to increase fitness levels.

In a new development, possibly reinforced by the Covid-19 pandemic, 41% of people in Malta prefer to practice sport at home, while only 10% go to a gym of fitness centre.

56% said they practice sport or exercise in the streets next to their homes, and 20% prefer to be active in outdoor parks or open spaces.

Moreover, only 19% of respondents in Malta have a gym membership or some other sport club. On the other hand, 78% said they are not enrolled in any kind of club or gym.

The European Commission is promoting the benefits of sport for physical and mental wellbeing every year during the European Week of Sport.

Half of the respondents in the EU 27 expressed their desire to be active in the outdoors, which is supported by the Commission’s efforts towards greener and more sustainable sport and physical activity.

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