Thursday, June 13, 2024

EU Parliament’s crunch vote on Commission chief: July 18

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The Parliament is likely to be under pressure from national governments to speed up the process and stabilize the EU at a time of geopolitical uncertainty, and with American elections on the horizon. 

A person with knowledge of the meeting said that Secretary General Chiocchetti said there was no definitive decision. But if there were to be a vote in July, then Thursday 18 July — two days after the Parliament has elected its own president — would be the chosen date.

Chiocchetti also said he thinks that July is probably when the vote will be held, according to the person. 

In recent weeks, speculation has mounted about whether the Parliament would seek to hold that crunch vote during its first meeting in July, or seek to wait until its next formal sitting in September.

To get the job, von der Leyen — or anyone else — first needs to receive the support of a qualified majority of EU leaders, and then secure the votes of at least 361 out of the 720 MEPs. 

A European Parliament spokesperson said no decision has yet been taken. 

The Parliament can only vote once a majority of EU heads of state and government have officially nominated a candidate. That process is expected to be completed at a meeting of the European Council on June 27 and 28, where a package of top jobs will likely be shared out among the EU’s dominant political families.

If the vote is to be put on the European Parliament’s agenda in July, the institution’s political group leaders will formally finalize it at a meeting on July 11.

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