Thursday, June 20, 2024

EU’s climate action – What’s the way forward?

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The European Union stands as a leader in global efforts to combat climate change, driven by a commitment to secure a sustainable future for all. At the heart of EU climate action lies the European Green Deal, a framework for transforming the EU into a carbon-neutral and circular economy by 2050.

The European Commission set different milestones that are essential to achieve in order to reach the climate-neutral economy objective by 2050. In that context, the 2030 climate and energy framework sets different key targets for the year 2030, notably in terms of emission reductions, the share for renewable energy, and improvement in energy efficiency. Achieving the EU’s long-term climate objectives depends on the successful implementation of the 2030 framework.

Among the challenges, a successful transition needs to go hand in hand with economic growth, competitiveness and security of supply, and will also depend on public acceptance. In that context, the next European Commission will have a crucial role to play in setting a regulatory framework while ensuring sustainable growth for all.

Join this Euractiv Hybrid Conference to discuss the way forward for a successful transition and the next steps to achieve the EU’s climate goals. Questions to be addressed include:

– What are the main challenges the EU faces in meeting its objectives, and how does it plan to address them?
– What will be the key priorities for the next European Commission to achieve the EU’s climate goals?
– What role does innovation play in achieving the EU’s climate goals?
– What are the strategies to ensure a just transition for all communities and sectors affected by the shift towards a sustainable economy?

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