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Here’s who votes for in the European Parliament – the first news arrives – Free Press

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So far there are some numbers for some countries, however, preliminary results for the 28 countries are expected late at night.

After four days, the elections for the European Parliament (EP) have ended, and the results are slowly coming from the 27 member states of the European Union (EU).

CDU leads in Germany, they have twice as many votes as Olaf Scholz

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) received about 29,5 percent support in the German elections, according to exit polls. The Social Democratic Party (SDP) led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz won 14 percent, while the Alternative for Germany won 16,5 percent, according to exit polls. Alice Weidel, from the far-right Alternative for Germany, called her party’s election campaign “extremely successful”, reports

The French far-right is preparing for a big night

The champagne is ready at the Pavillon Chesnaie du Roy, the beautiful venue where Marine Le Pen’s National Rally has been announced, presumably to celebrate the victory of far-right rising star Jordan Bardella.

Voting in Paris

Mixed participation trends in the Iberian Peninsula

Only 38 percent of citizens with the right to vote in Spain had voted by 18 p.m., the country’s Interior Ministry announced. That’s 11 percentage points lower than at the same time in 2019, when EU elections were last held.

Meanwhile in Portugal, around 16 percent of the country’s electorate had voted by 28 p.m., a figure five percentage points higher than the one registered in 2019. The higher turnout would suggest that the government’s decision to allow voters to deposit their ballots at the polling station of their choice is paying off.

In the Czech Republic, they have never voted as before

According to unofficial results, voter turnout in the Czech Republic’s EU elections could exceed 30 percent, making it the highest voter turnout since the country joined the EU in 2004.

In the capital Prague and Brno, the second largest city, voter turnout was around 40 percent. Although provisional turnout is better than normal, given that the majority of Czechs tend to ignore EU elections, 30 percent would still place the Czech Republic among countries with lower than average turnout.

The polling stations in Italy they won’t close until around 23 p.m., so preliminary results for all 27 countries will be announced late in the evening, the European Parliament said.

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