Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Giving audiences transparent and non-discriminatory access to content, public service media are proponents of 5G broadcasting and the Open internet.


The EBU and public service media (PSM) are pioneering the use of 5G for content production and distribution via technical trials. They have worked on its standardization and initiated the coordination of media and ICT stakeholders with 5G MAG, to foster a media vertical. 

The EBU calls for appropriate regulatory guidelines and the right technology choices. The broadcasting industry should be able to own and operate its own 5G networks for specific purposes, e.g. for wireless production infrastructure for live event coverage.

It is also key that large-scale content distribution over 5G is technically and economically sustainable, to keep PSM affordable and accessible. 5G Broadcasting has thus been put forward to ensure PSM content is present on all mobile devices also via broadcasting, to enable free access. Learn more about 5G

Open Internet

Audiences should have unfettered, non-discriminatory, and transparent access to online content of public interest. Measures strengthening transparency need to be combined with a clear policy regarding internet traffic management that ensures that equivalent types of traffic are treated equally.

Regulators must prevent new forms of traffic discrimination where only content providers with sufficient resources can negotiate ‘preferential’ deals, distorting competition, hampering innovation, and reducing user choice.

Net neutrality must be the norm with specialized services as the exception to avoid that finite network capacity would be dominated by specialized services, impairing access to the Open Internet.

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