Sunday, June 23, 2024
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EU to require ‘authorization’ for traveling Hongkongers

Previous Next Wallis Wang and Chan Yu Wing Hongkongers traveling to Europe starting mid-2025 will have to apply for a "travel authorization" in advance by uploading...

Authorization required before Hongkongers enter 30 visa-free European countries starting 2025

Hong Kong residents will have to apply for travel authorization before they can enter 30 European countries that do not need a visa to...

European nations compete for Chinese EV factories, jobs even as EU weighs tariffs

European governments may be wary of budget Chinese electric vehicles flooding their markets but they're also fiercely competing for a share of the manufacturing...

Chinese shopping app Temu faces stricter EU safety rules

Chinese shopping app Temu will have to comply with stringent new safety rules after Brussels on Friday added the company to its list of...

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