Saturday, June 15, 2024

Would Far-Right Electoral Gains Upend EU Foreign Policy? | Crisis Group

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In this episode of War & Peace, Olga and Elissa speak with Crisis Group’s senior EU analyst Marta Mucznik and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations Susi Dennison, about the upcoming European Union parliamentary elections. With predictions of right-wing gains in these elections high, they ask what such an electoral outcome could mean for foreign policy. They also look at the factors driving the rise of far-right parties throughout Europe, their ideological profiles and visions for Europe’s future. Specifically, they speculate on potential implications for EU support for Ukraine, relations with China and enlargement policy. They also discuss whether the far-right in Europe will keep gaining influence and what an increasingly fragmented political landscape could mean for the future.

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For more about the topics discussed in this episode, check out ECFR’s policy brief A sharp right turn: A forecast for the 2024 European Parliament elections and our EU Watch List 2024 – Spring Update.

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