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App Store Vision Pro Supports Alternative Payments In European Union

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JAKARTA App Store in the European Union (EU) has undergone many changes after Apple was selected as a GTeeper. The reason is, Apple must comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regarding antitrust rules. Of the many changes that must be made in the App Store, Apple must allow alternative payment options. Vision Pro is the only device that doesn’t provide such a payment option yet, but it has changed. Through an update page for developers, Apple says that all app developers invisionOS can sell a wide range of content with payment methods outside the App Store. However, this can only be done on visionOS 1.2. ” Alternative payment options are now supported starting from WatchOS 1.2 for apps distributed on the App Store in the EU,” Apple said. That way, all developers in the EU can already add payment options outside the app store.

Apple has just added an alternative payment option on the App Store for Vision Pro because the device has just been launched outside the US. Of the many countries in the EU, Vision Pro is new to the German and French people. This spatial computer technology goes through a pre-order period on June 28 and will be available on the Apple Store on July 12. Apart from Germany and France, this headset will also be launched in Australia, Canada and the UK. By adding alternative payment options in Vision Pro, users at the EU will be directed to other payment platforms to complete purchases. However, developers will still have to pay to Apple when offering this option.

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