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Blind psychic Baba Vanga’s next prediction is bad news for India, world

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The Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga is known for her prophecies being 85% accurate and include the Chernobyl disaster, Princess Diana’s passing, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Despite Baba Vanga’s passing in 1996, many people still think her prophecies are coming true.

Baba Vanga’s next forecast is bad news. Her prediction for 2022 of a virtual reality domination with people spending more time than ever in front of screens may be the one that is easiest to believe.

Vangelia Gushterova was the real name of Baba Vanga, who also predicted another pandemic, this one caused by a frozen virus that will be liberated by climate change and found in Siberia.

To put this in perspective, in July 2021, a team of researchers found two ice samples from the Tibetan Plateau in China that were frozen with ancient viruses, the majority of which were never before seen. The conclusions were drawn from ice cores collected in 2015, which researchers estimate to have been frozen at least 14,400 years ago.

During analysis, 33 viral genetic codes were discovered in the ice. Four of the 33 were identified by their genetic codes as belonging to virus families that generally attack bacteria. Up to 28 were novel, which means they had never been found previously.

As per Baba Vanga predictions, nations are compelled to discover alternatives, many cities will experience water shortages, which will have an impact on politics. Also, planet-invading aliens will send an asteroid to look for life on Earth with a hostile outcome.

In India, where temperatures are said to reach 50 degrees and cause locusts to damage crops, Baba Vanga also foresaw famine. The mystic who predicted “intense bouts of flooding” in Australia and parts of Asia also predicted more earthquakes and tsunamis.

In Baba Vanga’s predictions, thanks to advances in organ transplant technology, humans will live to be more than 100 years old in 2046. She anticipated that by 2100, the darkness would be gone and another region of Earth would be illuminated by artificial sunlight.

Her future predictions include that the Earth’s orbit will change in 2023, humans will visit Venus in 2028, Muslims will rule Europe in 2043, and the universe will end in 5079.

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