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Capricorn Daily Horoscope – 27 March 2024

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Mercury will be retrograde in the part of your chart is connected to your career and social standing. When Mercury is retrograde here in about one week from now, you can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering regarding your public face and your career and professional standing – and there could also be some confusion. Take extra care work-wise and be sure that silly mistakes don’t mar your performance. That’s the possible downside of this cycle – little errors. The upside is that you’re able to rethink your ambitions now. Are you happy with your job direction or is it time to start looking around for something new, with more benefits that suit you? For some there are career advancement delays. Some of you’ll be able to renegotiate your work terms and conditions, such as arranging to work from home on occasion. For others there will be long overdue rewards for a job well done, be they financial, a welcome pat on the back, or even a tempting job offer from elsewhere.
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