Sunday, July 21, 2024

Corporate sustainability due diligence

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The Directive will contribute to the just transition to a sustainable economy, in which businesses play a key role.

A broad range of stakeholder groups, including civil society representatives, EU citizens, businesses as well as business associations, have been calling for mandatory due diligence rules. 70% of the businesses who responded to the public consultation sent a clear message: EU action on corporate sustainability due diligence is needed.

A third of companies recognised the need to act and are taking measures to address adverse effects of their actions on human rights or the environment, but progress is slow and uneven. The increasing complexity and global nature of value chains makes it challenging for companies to get reliable information on business partners’ operations. The fragmentation of national rules on corporate, sustainability-related due diligence obligations further slows down the take-up of good practices. Stand-alone measures by some Member States are not enough to help companies exploit their full potential and act sustainably.

EU rules will provide a uniform legal framework and ensure a level playing field for companies across the EU Single Market. Such rules will also foster international competitiveness, increase innovation and ensure legal certainty for companies addressing sustainability impacts. The Directive will steer businesses towards responsible behaviour and could become a new global standard with regard to mandatory environmental and human rights due diligence. 

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