Thursday, July 18, 2024

Equipping European consumers with leading next-generation network infrastructure: Launching Europe beyond 2030

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Consuming ever-richer online content and services, Europeans are putting their network infrastructure to the test. Investment and traffic efficiency are therefore more important than ever. According to the European Commission however, achieving its 2030 targets for connectivity and digital transformation will require an additional EUR 200 billion of network infrastructure investment.

To deliver faster, widespread, and affordable connectivity, how can the European Union foster a conducive environment for its telecommunication sector to build leading next-generation network infrastructure that goes beyond the 2030 targets?

This dinner discussion aims to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions for the telecommunication sector to strength Europe’s competitiveness, to the benefit of citizens and businesses.

Please note that this is an invitation only event. 

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This event is organised in partnership with GSMA.

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