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EU approves ‘right to repair’ directive to extend product lifetime

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The EU has approved the right-to-repair directive to make it easier and more economical for consumers to repair defective products instead of replacing them and repair services will become more accessible, transparent and attractive.

“It also gives manufacturers the incentive to make products that last longer and can be repaired, reused and recycled,” said Alexia Bertrand, Belgian state secretary for the budget and consumer protection. “And finally, it makes repairing a more attractive economic activity that can create Europe-based quality jobs. All economic actors win, and so does the environment.”

Repairing made more accessible

The approved right-to-repair directive introduces several measures to encourage repair over replacement:

  • Manufacturers must repair technically repairable products under EU law,

  • A voluntary “repair form” providing clear repair process information (deadlines, prices, etc.),

  • A European online platform connecting consumers with repair services,

  • 12-month legal guarantee extension if repair is chosen over replacement

The list of covered “repairable products” can also expand as the Commission enacts new repairability requirements for certain product categories.

Circular economy vision

The right-to-repair directive is part of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan and New Consumer Agenda presented back in March 2023, promoting more sustainable consumption patterns.

It complements recent legislation like the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (which will promote the production of repairable products) and the directive on empowering consumers for the green transition (which will enable consumers to make better-informed purchasing decisions at the point of sale).

After being signed by EU Parliament and Council leaders, the right-to-repair directive will be published in the Official Journal. Member states then have 24 months to incorporate it into national laws.

These efforts by the European Union follow its long-term plan to halve waste by 2030 by prioritising textile reuse and recycling.

Last week (30 May) Just Style delved into the multiple pieces of EU ESG legislation targeting global fashion brands and manufacturers sending a strong message that sustainability and social responsibility will become mandates for all.

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