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EU needs to adapt its internal energy infrastructure – directorate-general

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BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 5. Alterations to EU
domestic infrastructure are necessary for gas source
diversification and security, European Commission Director of the
Energy Platform Task Force and International
Relations–Directorate−General for Energy Cristina Lobillo Borrero
said during the “International Cooperation for Energy Security and
Sustainability” plenary panel at the 29th Baku Energy Forum in
Azerbaijan, Trend

“Important steps must be taken to diversify and secure new EU
gas sources. Foremost among them is the adaptation of our domestic
infrastructure to accommodate a greater gas influx. Importantly, we
are not just aiming to increase the total volume, but also to
replace Russian gas. Given that Russian gas primarily arrives via
pipelines, collaborative efforts with the European Union are
underway to ensure the optimal functioning of key interconnections.
This enables smooth gas distribution to nations most reliant on
Russian gas,” she stressed.

To note, over 600 delegates are participating in the forum,
which started on June 5, representing a diverse range of countries
including Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China,
the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Hungary, India,
Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Monaco, the Netherlands,
Norway, the UAE, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia,
Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK, the US, and Uzbekistan. This
year’s forum boasts a record number of speakers, totaling 81.

The Forum’s agenda will address energy issues of significance
for Azerbaijan and the broader Caspian region, focusing primarily
on considerations and financing related to energy security, energy
transition, and green energy projects.

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