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Exhausting worldwide journey: Taylor Swift’s fitness routine

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The 100th performance – Taylor Swift’s exhausting global journey and maintaining her fitness

During Taylor Swift’s “The Eras” tour performance in Liverpool on Thursday, this marks her 100th time gracing a stage. since March 2023, Swift has been traveling the world showcasing hits from all her eleven studio albums. A performance can last up to three hours, featuring her dancing, singing, and musical showcase while having multiple costume changes. Swift maintains this rigorous schedule with a dedicated fitness routine.

Trainer Kirk Meyers was recently in awe of her work ethic, saying, “Her commitment is truly remarkable. Many people might need to quit or even give up if they trained as hard as her.” Swift revealed to Time Magazine that she started training six months before the tour commencement. “I knew this tour would be the most tiring event in my life, so I decided to prepare myself physically for the first time.”

Taylor Swift practices singing on the treadmill

She trained with Meyers up to six times a week and for at least two hours every day. “We prepared her for the Eras Tour as if she were a professional athlete,” Meyers explained. Strength training, cardio training, and strengthening her back muscles, aiding her singing, was included in the plan. Additionally, Swift sang her entire setlist daily while running on the treadmill. “I sang fast for fast songs and slowed it down for slower songs,” Swift elaborated on her unique approach. Three months of dance classes were also incorporated to memorize the choreography.

Unlike in her earlier tour stops, Swift has opted to abstain from alcohol this time. During these tour breaks, she continues to train but with longer resting periods, taking pleasure in a full day in bed. “I’ve been spending my entire day in bed, only leaving it to get food and eat it there. It’s a dream,” she shares. In July, Swift will exhibit her physical prowess in Germany as she performs in Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, and Munich.

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