Sunday, July 21, 2024

First Fitness Center Was Opened In Mestia

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The first fitness center was opened in Mestia. The founder of the center, Lali Pavliashvili, told BM.GE that after moving from Tbilisi to Mestia, she saw that there was no space where the people could relax and exercise, so she decided to create “Step Up Mestia”.

According to her, the center is completely focused on the local population. 10-12 people can train in Step Up Mestia at the same time, while the gym can serve up to 40 people during the day.

As for the challenges, the founder of the fitness center says that the lack of local personnel is still the main challenge.

“I had routine challenges – I couldn’t find workers, sometimes everything didn’t work out as I had planned”, Lali Pavliashvili says.

According to her, it is planned to add new services in the future, for which staff will have to be trained: “Soon we will train local staff as yoga specialists, and aerobics, Zumba and various physical activities will also be added.”

As for the “Step Up Mestia” season ticket fee, it varies from 50 to 130 GEL.

The first fitness center of Mestia was created with the financing of “European Union and Austria”, the grant amounted to GEL 70,000, to which Lali Pavliashvili added personal investment, the amount of which she does not specify at this stage.

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