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From Death of Dictator to Cataclysmic Quakes: Nostradamus Predicted Dire Events for 2022

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Another year has gone by as the year 2021 draws to a conclusion. And we all know what that means: an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished thus far and what lies ahead. However, given the situation of the world today, uncertainty is an unavoidable part of our mental state.

In the twenty-first century, a global pandemic has brought the globe to a halt, and the sickness does not appear to be losing steam as new forms emerge.

This has prompted us to consider what awaits us in the year 2022, which is rapidly approaching. Some 500 years ago, astrologers, numerologists, and tarot readers began making forecasts, when the most prominent among them did so. We’re talking about Nostradamus, of course.

The classic and widely researched book “Les Prophéties,” written by a French plague doctor, astrologer, and seer, was published in 1555. Artistic prophesies of wars, natural catastrophes, assassinations, nuclear attacks, and revolutions are included in the book. Consider what Nostradamus predicted about the year 2022:

Many of Nostradamus’ prophecies came true, including Adolf Hitler’s ascension to power, World War II, the September 11 terrorist attacks, the French Revolution, and the development of the atomic bomb. According to believers, Nostradamus also foretold the commencement of the coronavirus epidemic in 2020. More than 70% of his prophesies have come true so far, according to Yearly-Horoscope. On July 2, 1566, the French astrologer died.


Nostradamus may have also prophesied the death of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, according to prophecy interpreters. “The abrupt death of the first character / It will bring about a transition and may install another character in the kingdom,” Centuria IV wrote in his 14th quatrain.

Because of his drastic weight loss and ongoing health rumours, Nostradamus followers believe the leader is Kim. Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, hasn’t been seen since a large missile show in October, his longest absence in seven years. On November 15, he resurfaced, adding to the long-running concern over his health.


The third quatrain of Nostradamus’ Centuria III is said to foretell a big earthquake in Japan in 2022. “They will announce earthquake in the depths of Asia,” he said, “when they approach midy severe siccity.” A quake in the middle of the day, for example, may inflict major damage and perhaps death. An earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 at its epicentre rocked the Kanto area on October 7. Despite the little damage, it was the biggest earthquake to strike Japan’s capital since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks that devastated the Tohoku region.


According to certain readings, one of Nostradamus’ forecasts for the next year has a direct influence on Paris. France’s capital would be besieged, signalling the start of a European battle. The passage references to “Warriors ensconced by crops and cities will be everywhere around the great City.” Riots over Covid limits wreaked havoc on Paris’ streets earlier this year. Of course, ISIS terrorists assaulted Paris in 2015, killing 130 people. The strike was France’s worst since World War II.


Nostradamus predicted a “greater catastrophe of blood and starvation.” Seven times arrested on the beach, monech of famine, confinement, and incarceration. This has been taken to mean that global conflicts and military engagements will virtually certainly exacerbate hunger. Migratory flows are projected to rise as a result. Experts think Nostradamus is forecasting a sevenfold rise in the number of refugees coming on European beaches when he mentions the beaches. Following the deaths of 27 individuals in the English Channel, immigration remains a major political issue in the United Kingdom and Europe.


In numerous of his books, Nostradamus prophesied the demise of the European Union, which has been beset by problems since the United Kingdom’s decision to quit the EU in 2016. “Sacred temples outstanding Roman style / Will reject the goffers foundations,” the inscription states. The Treaty of Rome, which was signed in 1957 and basically founded the Union, is referred to by interpreters. According to Nostradamus, Brexit was simply the beginning, and the European Union as a whole will crumble in 2022. Following a spat between Warsaw and Brussels, it has been speculated that Poland, following the United Kingdom, maybe the first country to leave the EU.


An asteroid colliding with the planet was a popular prediction for 2021. “I see fire coming down from the heavens,” the astrologer wrote. This year, the planet had a close approach with Asteroid 2021GW4, but NASA did not deem it a substantial hazard, and it did not exactly fit the astrologer’s dramatic prediction.


One of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021 is the rise of artificial intelligence. “As viewed by the new sage with a lone brain, by his disciples encouraged to be everlasting, Eyes to the south, the Moon in the full moon over the high mountain,” he wrote. Bodies engulfed in flames, hands clutching bosoms ” As artificial intelligence advances year after year, this warning of eternal pupils has additional relevance.

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