Sunday, June 16, 2024

G20 Summit LIVE updates: Delhi police assures of ‘flawless, fail-proof’ law and order during the event

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G20 Summit 2023: ‘Arrangements in place…we are doing rehearsals’- Delhi police

Delhi G20 Summit 2023 live updates: On Security arrangements ahead of G20, Delhi Police Special Commissioner, Law & Order Dependra Pathak says, “G20 is a prestigious summit. It is a matter of pride for India and Delhi. Delhi police have the focused responsibility of safety, security, law and order… We are doing rehearsals for it…”

– He said, “For the summit area, certain segments of Delhi police are focused. Other parts of Delhi, which affect the general perception of the summit, should also be flawless and fail-proof. We have made plans for it as its focus responsibility is with us… We have analysed with the law and order groups where the G20 summit has taken place before…”

– “Elements of community policing like police friends, resident associations, market associations, home guards, civil defence etc. are also joined as force multipliers… We are taking help from para-military forces… Under strategic planning, We have ensured no mishap takes place…”

– “Delhi police is confident and we will leave no stone unturned and we will see to it that law and order arrangements are flawless… We are in real-time coordination with the central agencies on international elements related to G20…,” he said.

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