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Gemini Daily Horoscope – April 1 2019

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Your emotional focus today…

The Moon moves into Pisces today… There could be some emotional tensions or dramas at work today. Or maybe something to celebrate. The Moon is moving through your 10th House of Career. She does this once a month, and when it happens, we get a chance to focus our feelings on our professional lives. If things are just not working for you with a client or a co-worker, today could see people getting even more wound up. However the Moon is also about our needs, which makes today a very good moment to speak gently and kindly about what could change the situation for you.

No April Fools…!…

We are now just days away from the New Moon. If you’re feeling drained, that’s why. We all need the emotional recharge that’s ahead. Connect with the New Moon via my New Moon worksheet and wishing guide – both are free in the (free) Moon Lite club here.

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