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Granting Work Visas to Low-Skilled Foreign Workers Would Reduce Irregular Migration to EU, ifo Institute Says

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The ifo Center for Migration Research has proposed that the European Union start reaching work visa agreements with third countries to promote work migration rather than irregular migration to the bloc.

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According to ifo Center for Migration Research, EU countries could start issuing visas that give the right to third-country low-skilled workers to take up jobs in the bloc.

This approach would reduce the number of foreigners trying to enter the EU irregularly and, at the same time, would also lower the number of asylum seekers, ifo Center for Migration Research noted.

Commenting on the current migration situation to the EU, the Director of the ifo Center for Migration Research, Panu Poutvaara, said that there is a lack of opportunities to enter the EU legally, leading to an overloaded asylum system, SchengeNews reports.

Poutvaara further suggested that additional opportunities should be offered to low-skilled foreigners so that the EU authorities can better control immigration to the bloc.

This would make legal and controlled immigration possible. One reason why the European asylum system is overloaded is the lack of opportunities to enter the EU legally. The chances of obtaining a work visa in Europe are extremely small, especially for low-skilled people.

Director of the ifo Center for Migration Research, Panu Poutvaara

Such an agreement between the EU and third countries would have a significant impact on asylum seekers who have little to no prospects in their home countries, Poutvaara stressed.

He also emphasised that citizens of countries that reach an agreement with the EU would be able to apply for work visas regardless of their qualifications.

Work Visas Could Be Issued for a Limited Period & Include Restrictions

To still be able to maintain control over the labour market, Poutvaara said that work visas for low-skilled migrants can be granted for a limited period. The same suggested that the EU countries can restrict such a group of visa holders from having access to social benefits.

In addition to reducing irregular migration and the number of asylum applications, such an approach would help in not putting migrants’ lives at risk.

According to a research associate at the ifo Center for Migration Research, Yvonne Giesing, immigrants would be able to apply for work visas and reach the EU legally without making dangerous journeys.

She also said that such a move would “destroy” smugglers’ businesses and would benefit the EU, too, as the member states would have lower asylum costs.

The immigrants could apply for a work visa and enter the EU legally without having to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean and pay smugglers. This would also be beneficial for the EU, as it reduces the costs of asylum applications, destroys the smugglers’ business and creates more legal employment.

Yvonne Giesing, research associate at the ifo Center for Migration Research

The EU just recently adopted the reform of the migration and asylum pact. By adopting a new system, the EU wants to establish new rules that aim to help member countries manage migrant arrivals and create effective and uniform procedures.

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