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How Burn Boot Camp is “Changing the Face of Fitness”

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Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp may be a game changer in the fitness industry. The organization is onto something that is key in fitness and losing weight. They give new meaning to the phrase “feel the burn.” The name of the group actually refers to the metabolic process of burning calories and the boot camp portion is what gives you a crash course in how to stimulate your body to burn more calories at a faster rate. We were interested in learning more about the Burn Boot Camp and what we discovered in well worth sharing. From our perspective, here is how Burn Boot Camp is changing the face of fitness.

What is Burn Boot Camp?

Burn Boot Camp is a fitness program which was established by a husband and wife team, Devan and Morgan Kline in 2012. Devan was a player for the San Francisco Giants, prior to starting the company. After his professional athletic career ended, he became a certified personal trainer. He built a program that he named Lightning 900 because the program was centered around burning 900 calories rapidly. The fitness program became highly popular, and it set the foundation for what would become Burn Boot Camp. The Klines established their first Burn Boot Camp in Charlotte, North Carolina at a gymnastics studio parking lot and there it gained community support. It became a movement and by February of 2015, it evolved into a franchised company that focused upon emotional, physical and mental transformations for members of the community with an emphasis upon principles that would lead to real and lasting change. This, in a nutshell is what Burn Boot Camp is all about. Burn Boot Camp is a comprehensive workout program that is all about health and wellness, as well as coming together in a community based setting with individual time set aside for each member with their personal trainer.

How does Burn Boot Camp Work?

Burn Boot Camp is a workout that is crafted to bring fast results for people from all walks of life. Even if you live a busy life and you’re bogged down with work and personal responsibilities that keep you on the go, it’s a program that only takes 45 minutes of your time, and when you attend a Burn Boot Camp, on average you will burn 700 calories, perhaps more. If you’ve packed on a few extra pounds and you want to start maximizing your calorie burn to keep extra pounds off and stay toned, this workout will help you achieve this goal.

Burn camps are hosted at different times of the day, to help accommodate the schedules of busy people. It brings community members together and it’s not only a great place for women and men to gather for a healthy physical workout, it’s also a good place to meet people with similar goals. There are even free Saturday camps scheduled in most locations so you can bring your friends for a session. The program offers one on one sessions located in the gym, with a trainer. As a member of Burn Boot Camp you develop a relationship with your trainer and you have access to advice on weight loss, lifestyle, performance and nutrition so it’s a program that is tailored to meet your individual needs, answer your questions, give you tips for reaching your goals and a time for working out. Burn Boot Camp is a community based program and it’s a great place for receiving encouragement and positivism because it’s geared towards your physical, mental and emotional well-being and they even have complimentary childcare for your session time.

Expansion of the Burn Boot Camp Program

The Burn Boot Camp Program is a rapidly growing franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine, and it is expanding operations throughout the country through its franchise model. The owners offer certified personal trainers the opportunity to become a part of the movement by opening up their own Burn Boot Camp programs as franchisees. The company offers assistance for those qualified to open a franchise with set up help including third party financing, a low upfront financial investment, placement in prime territories, hands on headquarter support, assistance in construction and design of new facilities, IT support, marketing and operations training and the opportunity to become a positive impact upon your local community and the lives of individuals as well. Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Burn Boot Camp as one of the top new franchises for 2019 and if you have passion for helping others achieve their physical and emotional well-being goals, this might be the ideal opportunity for you.

The Benefits of Burn Boot Camp

After conducting research on Burn Boot Camp, we’ve come away with a different perspective on what it means to improve your little corner of the world. The Klines have started a wonderful program that reaches out to people from every walk of life, and it offers them the opportunity to participate in a program that gives them solid information on how to improve their health and well-being from multiple perspectives. People are comprised of the physical, mental and emotional and all three realms of human existence need attention and nurture in order to achieve balance and a sense of well-being. The real benefit of this program is that it’s not time consuming and for less than an hour of your time, you can make real progress towards reaching personal fitness goals. This can have an impact upon how you feel about yourself on an emotional level as well as improving your physical health. It’s really a holistic program that is customizable to meet you wherever you are in your life and help you to reach important goals. You’re the one in charge of your health and wellness, and your personal trainer is just there to provide advisement, encouragement and support. They’re experts in the field and they’re there for you and available to give you one on one help.

What we really loved about Burn Boot Camp is the fact that it has the potential for a domino effect of positive impacts. It’s a community based program that helps people as individuals, as well as improving the health for entire communities. There is also the potential for this program to have a global impact, taking it one community at a time.

How Successful has Burn Boot Camp Become?

According to Forbes, Burn Boot Camp has opened 177 franchises since its inception in 2015. Within four short years, the brand has gained strong recognition in the areas where it is available and there is a low turnover rate for the franchisees, which is a good sign that the people who are becoming involved are as passionate about the goals of Burn Boot Camp as the founders. They’re building a strong client base who are reaping the benefits of their involvement with the program and the company has expanded into 35 of the 50 states in the union so far. The expansion rate has been remarkably fast and there are future plans to open yet another 177 locations as this is the number that has currently been sold to franchisees. This is an impressive expansion rate. The program does require an investment of time and money for new franchisees, but from what we can see, for most it is well worth the investment and the royalties are ample to not only make it a personally satisfying experience, but also, financially lucrative.

How Much Does a Franchise Cost?

The cost of a Burn Boot Camp franchise averages $40,000, depending on the location, the sales for most of these franchises also averages $36,000 per month. the expectation for the short term is that there will be 300 locations open before the first part of 2020, and it’s estimated that the Burn Boot Camp System will generate $60 million worth of sales. It’s a small part of the $30 billion fitness industry, but we expect to see Burn Boot Camp continue to increase in value as it moves forward with a steady trajectory of expansion. This is still a relatively new company but it’s catching on in the communities where it is offered, so it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who have a passion for fitness and are looking for a program that will make a big impact on the local communities.

Review and Cost of Burn Boot Camp Membership

One of the first questions that most people ask is how much does it cost to become a member of Burn Boot Camp? This depends on your level of involvement. If you have a friend who is a member, you might want to try it out on a free Saturday session as the guest of a member. Some locations offer special introductory rates and there are also Groupon deals for $33 for 30 days as a type of introduction, and some trials are as low as $30 for 30 days. New clients can get a 14 day free trial which also includes childcare while you’re in session. If you decide that this program is for you, there are a few different options for membership based on 6, 12 and 18 month options. The longer your contract the less it costs per month. The monthly price range is between $125 per month to $145. The membership is good for any Burn Boot Camp throughout the nation so you can just drop in if you’re in a new location, with proof of membership, which is a nice perk.

The environment is friendly and fun with a community gym environment with several times offered through the week and on Saturdays. All fitness levels are welcome and they meet you wherever you are in your program. As a member you get to choose workouts with same sex or coed members. You workout in groups but you also have one on one time called focus meetings with your personal trainer, so you’re setting your own goals, but you have expert guidance along the way. Each session is different so it doesn’t ever become a boring or humdrum experience.

Final thoughts

Burn Boot Camp is not just your average fitness program. It offers much more than a workout to burn calories, but it does do that. It’s more of a community based system that brings people from local neighborhoods together at a community based gym that provides members with a resource that is open at convenient times for them to get a fast 45 minute workout for the rapid burning of calories to help achieve a good balance for weight management. If you need to lose weight, Burn Boot Camp can help with that, but weight loss isn’t the only goal of the program. From our research, it became apparent that it is a program which is holistic in nature and it’s all about customizing wellness and fitness programs to meet the needs of each individual and help them to reach their personal goals with one on one advisement, as well as workouts with groups of people. It offers convenience for busy people and they even provide childcare for busy moms and dads who can use the extra help. The focus meetings are ideal for helping members to define their personal fitness goals and they offer professional information as well as encouragement in the pursuit of these goals. We were impressed with the level of service that Burn Boot Camp offers its members. The business has grown very quickly and it’s just starting what looks like a long and successful journey of growth and making a positive impact wherever a Burn Boot Camp location is offered. They’re doing very well for a new startup company within the highly competitive fitness industry, but they’re unique and just different enough to set them apart from the crowd. We expect the Burn Boot Camp to be a phenomenon that spreads like wildfire over the next few years.

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