Sunday, June 16, 2024

How much time do we spend shopping?

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Europeans spend between 17 and 35 minutes per day on shopping and personal services


The time Europeans spend on shopping and personal services (like visiting a doctor or a hairdresser) ranges from 17 minutes per day in Romania to 35 minutes in Germany, according to a survey carried out in 15 EU countries between 2008 and 2015.


                                                 The source dataset is available here


The survey covered the age group 20 to 74.

In Finland, 50.8% of the population surveyed said that they shopped or used personal services during the survey days.

Finland was followed by Germany (48.8%), Estonia and the Netherlands (both 46.6%).

The lowest levels of shopping and service consumption were reported in Romania (29.0%), Greece (30.7%) and France (33.6%).

In all countries, the participation rate is higher for women than it is for men.

For those who reported that they shopped or used services, the average participation time ranged from 1 hour 18 minutes in France and 1 hour 12 minutes in Germany to 49 minutes in Hungary.

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