Sunday, July 21, 2024

Ignacio Galán: “Strengthening the single market and the Energy Union makes Europe stronger, greener and more competitive”

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The issues of energy security and the fight against climate change are at the forefront of current European debates.

The European Green Pact, the Fit for 55 and Repower EU packages and the European Electricity Market Reform are the right policy frameworks to increase Europe’s self-sufficiency and promote decarbonisation. But we need to accelerate their implementation: the solution is a more united Europe. 

Enrico Letta’s report last month is a big step in the right direction: it highlights the benefits that could be gained by overcoming the obstacles to further strengthening the Single Market, in particular the Energy Union. Deeper integration, further electrification with clean energy, stronger interconnection infrastructures and electricity grids, and unified energy taxation will bring European citizens competitive, secure and sustainable energy, allowing them to benefit from new economic, industrial and employment opportunities. 

A stronger Europe, with fewer barriers, means a greener and more competitive Europe. 

Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola. 

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