Friday, June 14, 2024

Landsbergis: Hungary is against everything Europe stands for

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“Every country in Eastern Partnership will be affected by the outcome of war in Ukraine. (&) The repercussions will be regional and I could even say global. Therefore, this is one of the more important crossroads of our conversation about Ukraine, where we need to make strategic decisions and finally commit to Ukrainian victory. If we don’t, the price will be incredibly high,” said Landsbergis.

Asked about Hungary’s stance on Ukraine, the foreign minister stated that “Hungary is against Europe and everything that Europe stands for”, and not only on the issue of Ukraine.

“I think it’s a clash of ideologies, of those who want Europe to be strong and those who don’t want Europe, European Union at all. So, if we can get rational and find rational solutions (&) maybe this step can be solved. If not, dark times can lie ahead,” said Landsbergis.

This week, the European Council will convene in Brussels to decide on the future of Ukraine’s EU membership. However, there is concern as Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban had demanded to remove discussions on Ukraine’s EU membership from the European Council’s agenda. Critics have accused Orban of blackmailing Brussels in an attempt to secure EUR 22 billion EU’s Cohesion funds, which has been held back amid concerns about the rule of law in Hungary.

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