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Large businesses generated half of EU’s net turnover

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In 2022, the EU had 32 million enterprises, employing 160 million people with a net turnover of €38 trillion.

The vast majority, 99% (31.7 million enterprises), were micro and small enterprises employing each up to 49 people. Together, micro and small enterprises employed almost half of all persons employed in enterprises (49%; 78.8 million people). They generated €12.2 trillion in net turnover, representing 32% of the total net turnover. 

Medium-size enterprises (50-249 persons employed) represented a small share of the total number of enterprises (0.8%; 247 000 enterprises) and employed 15% of the people (24.6 million people). These enterprises registered approximately one-fifth of the net turnover (€6.8 trillion; 18%). 

Even though large enterprises (more than 249 persons employed) represented only 0.2% of the total number of enterprises (53 000 enterprises), they employed more than a third of the labour force (56.5 million people, 35%) and generated half (50%) of the net turnover (€19.2 trillion).

This information comes from the preliminary data on Structural Business Statistics (SBS) for 2022 published by Eurostat today.

Source dataset: sbs_sc_ovw

Industry: biggest turnover in 2022

Industry had the biggest turnover, generating one-third of the turnover in 2022 (€13.5 trillion, 35% of total net turnover). With only 8% of the total number of enterprises (2.4 million), it employed around one-fifth of the business labour force (33.1 million people, 21% of the total number of persons employed). 

Trade represented 18% of all enterprises (5.8 million). It employed 19% of the people (29.8 million) and generated 29% (€11.2 trillion) of the total turnover. 

Construction represented 12% (3.8 million) of the total number of enterprises but only 6% (€2.1 trillion) of the total turnover. This sector had 13.7 million people employed (9%). 

Other services, including companies working in a variety of services – from transportation and storage to accommodation and food service activities, education, human health and social work activities and arts, entertainment and recreation – were the highest in numbers. They accounted for 62% of the total number of enterprises (19.9 million enterprises), more than half of the total employment (83.3 million, 52%) and almost one-third of the net turnover (€11.4 trillion, 30%).

Enterprises, employment and net turnover by industry, construction, trade and services in 2022

Source dataset: sbs_sc_ovw

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