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Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 28 May 2024

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During the waning phase of the moon, we usually are given a chance to slowly begin to wind down and prepare for a new cycle. However today the moon in Aquarius is exactly conjunct Pluto which brings about intense feelings and emotions which cannot be ignored. Take a deep breath before speaking or risk overreacting.
As a sensitive person, you can easily become overwhelmed by all the background noise. In these days of social media and Artificial Intelligence, information comes at us quickly and furiously. Jupiter has moved into a place in your solar chart that indicates you would benefit from unplugging from unnecessary interference and focusing on your rich emotional life. No one needs to tell you the genuine love of family and friends is far more important than the likes, shares and superficial comments. Want to learn how to create your own reality? Start with the (free!) Moon Lite Collective here.

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