Sunday, July 21, 2024

Portugal Could Be Suspended From Schengen? What We Know

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Portugal faces potential suspension from the Schengen Area due to delays in implementing new border control systems mandated by the EU. Minister António Leitão Amaro blames the previous administration for the delay. Urgent efforts are underway to meet the July deadline, with bureaucratic hurdles and financial constraints complicating the process. The outcome will have significant implications for Portuguese tourism and EU relations.

Portugal’s Schengen Status at Risk: Visa Delays Compound Border Control Concerns

Portugal is currently grappling with a looming threat- potential suspension from the Schengen Area. The threat stems from the country’s delay in implementing the new border control systems mandated by the European Union (EU). However, despite the direness, little attention is being given to the issue amid domestic politics.

The main focus is the installation of a new frontier control system. As per the mandate, it needs to be fully operational and validated by July. In case the deadline is not met, Portugal risks being suspended from the Schengen Zone. Such a move could have drastic consequences, particularly on the country’s tourism sector.

Minister of the Presidency António Leitão Amaro has openly acknowledged the issue at hand. He recognized the potential ramifications for Portuguese tourism should suspension take place. He attributed the delay to the previous administration, led by António Costa. He pointed out that despite a budget of €25 million being sanctioned in March, they failed to initiate the tender process for acquiring the necessary equipment.

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