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Positive outcome for 2023 European Week of Sport in Malta

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The European Week of Sport 2023 came to an end with a very successful and positive outcome.

The European Week of Sport took place across Malta and Gozo with various events as part of the European Union’s #BeActive campaign, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

It aimed to raise awareness about the importance of sports and active living for community health and well-being.

#BeActive encouraged sports for everyone, regardless of age, with the goal of healthier and happier citizens. European Week of Sport 2023, built on last year’s success, featured events in 40 countries, diverse activities, contests, and millions of enthusiastic participants.

The focus this year was on involvement, inclusion, and innovation, reflecting contemporary societal changes.

This year’s European Week of Sport focused on various themes, including schools, workplaces, fitness centres, sports organizations, and community engagement through local governments and outdoor activities.

In this regard, SportMalta organised two main events.

The #BeActive Night, was held on Saturday, September 23 at the Cottonera Sports Complex, emphasising fitness as the primary focus.

The event commenced with a walk from Kalkara, followed by a fitness challenge with over 300 registered athletes, fitness sessions for the public, and a waterpolo tournament in an Olympic-sized pool.

The Main National Event, was held on September 24 at the Marsa Sports Grounds, transforming the grounds into a sports village featuring more than 20 different sporting disciplines.

It was a fun activity for all those who attended to watch and take part in a different sport.

This event included a variety of disciplines, from athletics, skateboarding, basketball 3×3, badminton, gymnastics, netball, judo, rugby, volleyball, billiard, table tennis and much more.

Special Olympics also organised various sports for their member athletes, while a football tournament was also held throughout the day.

Recognising that workplaces, schools, and homes have become places where people spend a significant portion of their time, SportMalta seized the opportunity to organize activities in these environments and brainstormed ideas on how individuals could remain active in such settings.

To this end, SportMalta hosted various team-building physical activities in workplaces and will host the SportMalta National Schools Sports Day on October 13, where schools across the nation are invited to participate.

Sports promotion

Everyone was invited to join in any of these events as an opportunity to kickstart or expand their physical activity journey.

SportMalta is promoting sport and physical activity throughout the year and from early ages through the #BeActive campaigns.

The aim is to raise awareness within society regarding the importance of physical activity and participation in sports.

The European Commission aims for the European Week of Sport to promote more action in favour of physical activity.

On September 30, SportMalta hosted a Gym Free Open Day at four different locations across Malta. The event took place at Kirkop Gym, Tal-Qroqq Gym, Sirens Gym, and Birżebbuġa Gym.

This event was part of the European Week of Sport of this year. Starting at 12pm and lasting throughout the day, the event welcomed people of all ages to enjoy a day of fitness and fun.

During the Gym Free Open Day, participants had the opportunity to explore various workouts and fitness equipment at these gyms, all free of charge.

The Gym Free Open Day was an initiative that encouraged people to be active and stay healthy while promoting the European Week of Sport. It brought communities together, allowing them to discover the benefits of regular exercise and the wonderful facilities available at these gyms across Malta.

In addition to the Gym Free Open Day, SportMalta organised a Fitness Challenge Staff Event as part of the European Week of Sport 2023. The event took place on September 29 at the Cottonera Sports Complex.

It was a fantastic opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and enjoy some friendly competition.

The Fitness Challenge was an exciting and engaging activity that tested SportMalta employees’ strength, agility, and teamwork. Whether they were fitness enthusiasts or just looking for a good time, the event catered to everyone.

Participants were encouraged to join in on the fun. The Fitness Challenge Staff Event was a great way for the community to come together as a team and have a blast. Workplace physical activity events ensure a friendly atmosphere and a higher level of productivity at work.

In a statement, SportMalta extended its heartfelt gratitude to all participants who joined us in celebrating the European Week of Sport this year.

“Your enthusiasm and dedication to promoting physical activity and well-being have made this event a resounding success,” SportMalta said in a statement.

The next official activity for SportMalta is in October, the SportMalta National Schools Sports Day will be held in all schools in Malta and Gozo

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