Sunday, July 21, 2024

Putin’s Top European Union Ally to Meet With Trump

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, autocratic leader and Russia’s closest European Union ally, will meet with former president Donald Trump on Thursday in Florida, according to insiders who are familiar with the matter. Less than one week since Orban met with Vladimir Putin in Russia, he is on his way to Mar-a-Lago where he will reportedly meet with Trump after the end of the NATO summit. An Orban insider told Time the meeting is “more of an informal get-together,” between the two politicians. Orban is one of the main far-right leaders in the EU, and has been known for his targets against Hungarian journalists and teachers. Hungary has undermined the efforts of the EU and NATO to help Ukraine, has advocated for Trump to be elected as president this November, and has stated that Trump “wont give a penny to Ukraine” if he is elected. Orban allegedly seeks to create a “peace deal” between Russia and Ukraine, without conversing with the EU or President Joe Biden on the matter. Ukraine has criticized Orban in recent days for a peace deal that they did not agree to, according to the country’s Minstry of Foreign Affairs. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the decision to make this trip was made by the Hungarian side without agreement or coordination with Ukraine,” it added.

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