Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Statistics & fun meet in ‘My country in a bubble’ tool

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Today, Eurostat released its visualisation tool ‘My country in a bubble’. Some might remember this tool from a few years back. Now it’s back with a fresh and modern look and an improved interface, which keeps the bubbles’ original fun and interactive spirit.  
My country in a bubble’ is intended as a tool for beginners who want to start exploring the world of statistics. This tool is, for example, the perfect addition to any classroom, making statistics fun to access and understand.

The bubbles cover a wide range of data from population to economy and environment, giving all users, not only students, a large statistical playground. The ‘people’ chapter includes data on population age, young and elderly people, life expectancy and youth unemployment; ‘economy’ includes GDP per person, food prices and expenditure, government expenditure and price levels; and ‘environment’ covers everything from renewables and waste to organic agricultural areas and electric cars. 

Click on the theme you are keen on, and the available topics related to it will show up. Then you just need to choose what interests you the most and see all the bubbles for the EU, Member States, and EFTA countries move on the screen to their position in the plot area.

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