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Sustainable fashion in focus at Haarlem BIP

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The programme began in March 2023 and lasted for five weeks of online learning followed by a live week in Haarlem.

BIPs are short, intensive programmes that use innovative ways of learning and teaching, including the use of online cooperation. The aim of BIPs is to reach all types of students from all backgrounds, study fields, and cycles by enabling new and more flexible mobility formats that combine physical mobility with a virtual component. During these BIPs, groups of students undertake a short-term physical mobility abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component facilitating collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork.


Communicating around sustainable fashion

The Erasmus+ funded programme brought together 29 international students and 10 students from Inholland University of Applied Sciences who worked together to develop a communication concept for a local frontrunner in sustainable fashion targeted at young people. The working method during the week was based on that of Inholland’s Living Labs, which was initially quite unfamiliar for the international students and their coaches.

During the online phase, the forty students had two meetings per week, with keynotes on themes such as the negative impact of fast fashion, and an introduction to sustainable fashion, the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, and sustainable marketing. The students also had the opportunity to invite guest speakers through Inholland’s online platform.

“I really enjoyed working in such an international group,” says Inholland student Jesper. “It’s interesting to see how people from other cultures work and what their teachers are like. We started this week with design thinking, which I found very informative. This way of working stimulates your brain in a different way, leading to new and different ideas.”

Activating sustainable consumption behaviour

The programme aimed to raise awareness and activate sustainable consumption behaviour among young people in the EU. The participating students presented their concept to the European Commission and the Commission provided feedback and spoke about its ResetTheTrend campaign, which aims to put fast fashion out of fashion in support of the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles.

“This programme is for students who don’t necessarily want to go abroad for six months but who do enjoy working in an international setting. This cross-cultural collaboration, both online and offline, is a key EU objective. I think a very important one,” said programme coordinator Marlies Springorum

The event was a great success and was well received by all those who participated. It provided a platform for individuals and organisations to come together, learn from one another, and work towards a common goal of creating a more sustainable future. As one participant noted, “It was inspiring to see so many passionate people working towards a shared vision. I left feeling motivated and energised to continue my own efforts towards sustainability.” The organisers hope to build on this success and plan to hold similar events in the future to continue to promote sustainability and inspire change in the community.

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