Thursday, June 20, 2024
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UK tourists going to Spain warned over breaking rule that’ll ban you from most of Europe

UK tourists heading to Spain this summer are being warned over a travel rule that, if broken, could end up in you being banned...

Date set for EU’s new travel system that can ban you from Europe for three years

The countdown is on until the European Union brings in new border control technology that'll significantly alter how Brits can move around the vast...

British tourists will be “tracked” while on holiday in Mallorca

Big brother is going to be tracking all non- EU nationals, including those from the UK, using advanced biometrics in the Schengen Area from...

New EU border rules – how could they affect your holiday?

As of October 2024, people entering the EU will face a new automated IT system under the Entry Exit System (EES) scheme. Millions of...

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