Monday, June 24, 2024

New EU border rules – how could they affect your holiday?

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As of October 2024, people entering the EU will face a new automated IT system under the Entry Exit System (EES) scheme.

Millions of pounds are being invested in preparation for the scheme’s implementation at the Eurostar and Dover border controls; however, the scheme has prompted concern in the Government about its potential to increase travel times.

According to the BBC, David Cameron told a committee he was “really worried” that the new system could lead to long delays.

So, what are the new EU border rules?

What are the new rules for travelling to the EU?

Under the EES scheme, non-EU nationals must submit biometric information every time they enter the EU. This will affect British nationals, as well as people from other non-EU countries who have not yet done so hence delays are expected when those people have to provide the required information for the first time. Furthermore, the registration process must be done in person.

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