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The new normal – on June 6th we open the fitness industry, theme parks, congresses, and trade fairs – Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – website

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In just a few days we will enter the 4th stage of easing restrictions imposed on certain sectors of the Polish economy. We have already completed the discussions with almost all business representatives whom we cooperated with while establishing the guidelines. We are constantly publishing recommendations for other industries.

The guidelines for newly launched industries are available at:

  • The 4th stage of opening the Polish economy will commence this week;
  • We have finished creating guidelines for the individual industries which are going to start to operate again. We prepared the guidelines in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health;
  • On June 6th, the guidelines issued for, among others, for the fitness industry, congress and fair organisers and owners of amusement parks, swimming pools, playrooms and gyms shall enter into force.

We have already completed intensive consultations with representatives of nearly 40 industries, which have been more or less affected by the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks. This week we will publish a set of guidelines for other industries that have been looking forward to restarting their businesses in the new reality. The guidelines will be available on our website – emphasizes Deputy Minister of Development Olga Ewa Semeniuk.

The new normal

For several weeks now, the Ministry of Development, in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health, as well as industry representatives and experts, has been gradually preparing guidelines for a total number of approximately 40 industries whose functioning has been frozen due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The guidelines specify the methods for the safe provision and use of these services during the so-called “new normal”. The guidelines allowed the following industries to resume their activities under the new sanitary regime:

  • from May 4th: libraries, galleries, and shopping centres (including shopping stands), hotels, physiotherapy services;
  • from May 18th: hairdressing and beauty salons, catering services;
  • from May 30th: restaurants and hotel bars. The limit on the number of customers served in the trade and catering industry has also been abolished. Customers are now free to use saunas, tanning salons as well as piercing and tattoo parlours. Assemblies with up to 150 participants are now also permitted.

The foundations of the new normality – the most important permanent safety principles

Regardless of industry-specific guidelines, a gradual return to normality does not exempt us from following the basic safety principles. They must become the basis of our daily lives.

Which guidelines should be followed in particular?

  • Maintain a 2-meter distance from others in public areas.
  • It is mandatory to cover your nose and mouth in enclosed and public areas.
  • Strictly comply with the sanitary rules in places where people gather (disinfection and maintaining an adequate distance).
  • Quarantine and isolation for infected or potentially infected persons.

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