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The United Nations Development Programme and the European Union sign an agreement of EUR 5 million to support Al Makassed Hospital and Augusta Victoria Hospital

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“This EU support is an important investment in the future of the Palestinian people, as well as in the Palestinian health care system. Through this partnership we reaffirm our commitment towards improving availability and access to high quality specialized health care services. For years, the EU has supported East Jerusalem hospitals amid the challenging financial and political situation to preserve their long-standing work as well as to protect their presence in East Jerusalem. This project will contribute to a more sustained health care delivery, and will ensure long-term financial sustainability for East Jerusalem Hospitals,” said the European Union Representative, Alexandre Stutzmann.

“This important agreement we are signing today embodies UNDP/PAPP’s commitment to its mandate, as entrusted by a 1978 resolution of the UN General Assembly, to improve the economic and social conditions of the Palestinian people. This strategic partnership with the EU comes at a critical time, amid a deteriorating socio-economic situation in Palestine. Through this new investment, the EU, in partnership with UNDP, will support Al Makassed Hospital and Augusta Victoria Hospital in strengthening the resilience of the health system in East Jerusalem by improving service delivery for the Palestinian people through infrastructure development and contributing to diversifying income generation, self-reliance models, and competitiveness. UNDP is very proud of its long-standing partnership with the hospitals’ network in East Jerusalem and reaffirms its commitment to supporting the hospitals’ strategic plans in line with national priorities. UNDP values the spirit of partnership with our partners in this project- Al Makassed Hospital, Augusta Victoria Hospital and the EU – for mutual collaboration to serve the Palestinian people” said the UNDP Special Representative, Sarah Poole.


The project is funded by the EU and will be implemented by the UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People. The project aims at improving access to quality specialized care for Palestinians in West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. The project will also help adapt health care services to better meet the specific needs and contexts within the National Palestinian Health care system.

The project will reinforce the financial stability of the healthcare sector, notably the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network (EJHN), through investments in the institutionalization and expansion of quality specialized care at Al Makassed Hospital and Augusta Victoria hospitals (AVH). This will be achieved through: 1) Enhancing and upgrading surgical care at Al Makassed hospital; 2) Upgrading the kidney care centre; and 3) Expanding cancer care at Augusta Victoria hospital through the establishment of a modern endoscopy unit.

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