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The Weirdest Gambling Laws in Europe – London Post

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Online gambling has remained a popular entertainment in Denmark for a long time. Even today, the industry continues to thrive and is currently worth millions of dollars in the global market. Nowadays, there are tons of online casinos in Denmark and other countries around the world. And this casino in Denmark is guided by the laws of European gambling to ensure the safety of both casinos and gamblers. Online gambling has given gamblers the ability to avoid waiting in crowds because it’s easier to access and play games from anywhere.

Different countries in Europe are regulated by different laws of gambling. So, what is legal in some countries might be illegal in other countries. In countries where online gambling is possible, casinos must be able to obtain a license from legal jurisdiction allowing them to operate in that region.

There’s a lot of countries in Europe that operate under the European gambling commission law. These laws differ from country to country because every part of the European Union can create its laws. In most of these countries, online gambling is illegal,  while it’s legal in most countries. For example,  it can be quite unusual and strange for some in Denmark to use online gambling services while some in Poland can’t. 

Here a list of weird casino rules around the world:

In New Zealand,  online gambling is legal to those who use online casino sites that are not in their country. For example, a New Zealander can stay in the country while gambling with an online casino in Denmark. Most of these gambling sites outside New Zealand are managed by a regulatory body in the country. Gambler has the opportunity of playing popular games like horse racing,  lottery,  slots, and other casino games. According to Caroline Grogerssen, they experience the same freedom of playing online casinos that are similar to people in countries with online casinos.

Online gambling is widely accepted in Germany through companies licensed by the government. But through other methods, it’s illegal to gamble in offshore casinos. In Schleswig-Holstein, gamblers are allowed to gamble legally according to the casino games in Europe. 

In Korea betting through online casinos is illegal but betting through land-based casinos is legal. This type of gambling law is very weird because gamblers can play on land-based casinos but cannot play through online casinos. And the unusual part is that there are only about 17 casinos in the country for gamblers to utilize. 

In the United Kingdom, people were banned from gambling in a library as per the Libraries Offences Act 1898. This act now only applies to libraries maintained by industrial societies.

The online, gambling law in Russia restricts gamblers from playing online but they can play in land-based casinos. Land-based casinos in the country are thoroughly regulated by the government. 

In Norway,  it’s quite different because there are tons of strict rules on both online gambling and land-based casinos. However,  there are series of land-based casinos strictly made available for gamblers to play their favorite casino games. They also have their online gambling casino that provides different varieties of games to gamblers.

The Netherlands is a popular country that doesn’t allow gambling activities. Gambling is illegal from both land and online casinos. However,  players can easily play through offshore casinos independent of the stipulated rules by the government. Dutch people only make use of foreign gambling companies to play their favorite casino games. 

Most of these companies offer weird gambling rules to gamblers. While some countries will allow gamblers to play games on both land and online casinos, others might not. 


Online gambling has remained a popular entertainment in Denmark for a long time. The gambling rules in most of the above countries are gradually changing and it won’t be long before these weird laws are made convenient to gamblers.

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