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These Are Europe’s Most Stressful Airports to Travel Through This Summer

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Holidaymakers headed to the London Gatwick Airport are advised to be prepared for a stressful journey as the hub has been ranked as the most stressful airport in the European continent.

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According to the World’s Most Stressful Airports Ranking by VisaGuide.World, London Gatwick Airport has the highest scores out of all 30 airports, standing out for having the highest annual share of delays (41.1 per cent), Schengen.News reports.

The same also has the highest distance between the airport and the downtown centre – around 43 kilometres, while the passenger density is 4.89 out per square meter.

Busiest European Airports With Highest Cancellation Rates

With a total of 1,642 respondents of 53 nationalities, this ranking reveals that apart from the London Gatwick Airport, the Istanbul Airport has one of the biggest shares of annual delays in 2023 – 31.5 per cent compared to 41.1 per cent.

Ranking as the world’s fifth most stressful airport, Heathrow Airport in the UK receives every year around 61.6 million passengers. The share of delayed flights is 40.5 per cent while the passenger density at the 12-million square meters hub is 5.08.

As per the convenience of passengers, Heathrow is moderately convenient considering that the distance between the airport and the downtown centre is 28 kilometres or a 20-minute ride.

The Antalya Airport in Türkiye is the 21st most stressful airport at an international level, with 24.2 per cent of flights during a year being either delayed or cancelled.

The score of these hubs as the most stressful airports in the European continent is as follows:

  • London Gatwick Airport (UK) – 52 points
  • Istanbul Airport (Türkiye) – 42.79 points
  • Heathrow Airport (UK) – 37.13 points
  • Antalya Airport (Türkiye) – 22.23 points

These Are EU’s Stressful Airports in 2024

Eight out of 30 airports in the world are located in the European Union, indicating that hubs in this region are especially busy.

The Munich Airport in Germany receives around 31.6 million and a density of 2.01 people, with a score of 40.43 points. This airport ranks third internationally for being the most stressful.

Fiumicino International Airport in Italy follows second, with traffic of 29.3 million passengers and a score of 35.12 for being the most stressful in the EU.

Other airports that are crowded and rank high for being the most stressful include Charles de Gaulle Airport (France), Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (Spain), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands), Frankfurt Airport (Germany), and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport (Spain).

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