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Top job search sites in the EU for advertising early career opportunities – College Recruiter

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For employers within the European Union seeking to attract emerging talent, choosing the right job search platforms is essential. This article highlights the top, early careers, job search sites in the EU, focusing on their effectiveness for advertising part-time, seasonal, internship, apprenticeship, and other entry-level job opportunities to a diverse and multilingual audience.

1. College Recruiter:

Though primarily known in the US, College Recruiter has a growing presence in the EU. It specializes in internships and entry-level jobs, offering EU employers access to a wide pool of young talent, including international students and recent graduates.

2. EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal:

EURES is a European Commission initiative that provides a comprehensive platform for job seekers and employers across the EU. It is particularly useful for advertising jobs to candidates willing to relocate within Europe.

3. StepStone:

With a strong presence in several EU countries, StepStone caters to a wide range of industries and career levels, including early career positions. It’s a powerful tool for employers looking to target specific European markets.

4. Eurojobs:

Eurojobs specializes in multi-lingual and multi-cultural job opportunities across Europe. It is an excellent choice for employers aiming to reach a diverse audience of early career professionals.

5. Graduateland:

Based in Denmark, Graduateland is one of the largest career portals for students and graduates in Europe. Its platform is ideal for employers targeting young professionals at the start of their careers.

6. Indeed:

Indeed’s European platform offers the same extensive reach and user-friendly experience as its global counterpart, making it a popular choice among employers in the EU.


Although focused on academic and research positions, is also a valuable resource for employers in the EU looking to attract graduates for early career roles, especially in the fields of science and technology.

8. JobTeaser:

Popular in France and rapidly expanding across Europe, JobTeaser is focused on connecting students and young graduates with employers, offering a unique interface with university career services across the EU.

9. Monster:

Monster’s European version provides a platform with wide reach across various EU countries, making it a suitable choice for employers targeting a diverse, early career audience.

10. CV-Library:

CV-Library offers a wide range of job listings across the EU. Its large database of CVs and a strong presence in the UK and Europe makes it a valuable tool for employers.

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