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Travel-associated dengue cases: place of infection of cases imported to the EU/EEA

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With the aim of informing public health authorities and EU/EEA citizens about the risk related to dengue, ECDC has produced the maps and table below showing the places where travel-associated dengue cases reported to ECDC were likely to have been infected. The report is based exclusively on the places of infection reported by EU/EEA countries to ECDC, using the most recently validated data available. Locations outside mainland EU/EEA were included for which there was at least one confirmed dengue case (as per the EU case definition, where these locations were either reported as place of infection in two different years during the past five years or by two separate reporting countries. Cases reported with the place of infection in EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs), or outermost regions were classified as travel-associated. 

Information about the dengue outbreaks in mainland EU/EEA.

Figure 1. Distribution of travel-associated dengue cases reported to ECDC, by place of infection, 2022


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