Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Viktor Orban announces plans to create Right-wing EU alliance

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Herbert Kickl, the leader of the Freedom Party, said the new movement would act as a “carrier rocket” for radical change in Brussels.

“We are here together because we are united by three main priorities that will define our policies in the EU. The defence of sovereignty, the fight against illegal migration and the revision of the Green Deal,” Andrej Babis, the leader of ANO, added.

Negotiations over the formation of the parliament’s groupings have entered into their final days.

The Patriots for Europe already have more than the 23 required MEPs to form their own group, but must find candidates from four more countries before it can be officially accepted.

“From this starting signal, all political forces who wish to do so and who want to join in our political and positive reform efforts are very welcome. And from what I have heard in the last few days, there will be more of them,” Mr Kickl said.

But with a track record of disputes over policies and standards, it might not be a simple task to find more hard-right parties to join the fold.

Marine Le Pen, whose National Rally won both the European parliamentary vote and the first round of a snap election in France, could join Mr Orban’s group, according to a report by Italy’s Domani newspaper.

Italy’s League, led by Matteo Salvini, had signed a pact with his French counterpart to leave the current far-Right Identity and Democracy group for the new outfit, the report added.

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