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Who does not need an ETIAS travel authorisation

You will not need an ETIAS travel authorisation if you are:

A national of a European country requiring ETIAS

A national of any of these countries who needs a visa to travel to any of the European countries requiring ETIAS

In certain cases, nationals of the above countries may be exempt from the obligation to have a visa. In those cases, you may need an ETIAS travel authorisation instead – check the lists above whether this applies to you.

A national of the United Kingdom who is a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement

UK nationals and their family members who are beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement are exempt from ETIAS: they may reside on the territory of their EU host country and travel to other European countries requiring ETIAS as long as they hold documents proving their status.

For more information, please check this website.

A national of Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, the Holy See (the Vatican City State) or Ireland

A refugee, a stateless person or a person who does not hold the nationality of any country and you reside in any of the European countries requiring ETIAS and hold a travel document issued by that country

A holder of a residence permit or a residence card issued by any European country requiring ETIAS

See here an indicative list of the relevant residence permits. Other documents authorising your stay on the territory of these countries are also accepted, if they are in line with Article 2 point 16 of Regulation (EU) 2016/399. Please consult the issuing authority to confirm if your document meets these requirements.

A holder of a uniform visa

A holder of a national long-stay visa

A holder of a local border traffic permit, but only within the context of the Local Border Traffic

A holder of a diplomatic, service or special passport

This exemption applies to the nationals of countries that have concluded international agreements with the EU which allow the holders of diplomatic, service or special passports to travel without a visa. This means that nationals of the following countries can travel to these European countries both without an ETIAS travel authorisation and without a visa:

  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, China (holders of diplomatic passports only)
  • Cape Verde (holders of diplomatic and service/official passports only)
  • Belarus (holders of diplomatic biometric passports only)

Holders of diplomatic, service or special passports from other countries are also excluded from the obligation to hold an ETIAS travel authorisation. However, they may be obliged to have a visa to visit the European countries requiring ETIAS.

Before your travel, please contact the Consulates of the countries you intend to travel to, to check if you need a visa.

A member of the armed forces travelling on NATO or Partnership for Peace business, who holds an identification and individual or collective movement order provided for by the Agreement between the parties to the North Atlantic Treaty regarding the Status of their Forces.

Important: If you are travelling for private purposes for part or for the whole duration of your trip to a European country requiring ETIAS, you will need an ETIAS or a visa.

A holder of a travel document issued by intergovernmental international organisation provided for in Part 3 of Decision No 1105/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council

Important note: you may still need a visa to visit the European countries requiring ETIAS. Before you travel, always check with the relevant consulates if you need one.

An intra-corporate transferee, a student or a researcher exercising your right to mobility in accordance with Directive 2014/66/EU or Directive (EU) 2016/801

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