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Why Is Europe a Top Destination For Online Gambling?

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The European gambling market is estimated to grow by 9.20% by 2025. The growth is mainly due to Software and hardware innovations and also due to the increase in popularity of sports betting with enhanced internet connectivity. Also, online casinos offer gambling services in the UK for increasing their market stakes and improving profit margins. For gaming competitive advantages, casino companies are developing innovative offers like signing up partnerships with major stakeholders of the industry.

Together with NonGamStopBets which reviews European online casinos for UK players we describe the reasons why Europe is the top destination for many gambling brands and players. With the overall market being almost worth $40 billion, it is highly regulated by the law and casinos must hold licenses for them. The European gambling market is massive and offers a major player base with a revenue boost. It not only is regulated but also strict enough to adhere to laws within the country.

What Makes Europe The Global Leader In The Gambling World?

According to a year-end data report by the European Gambling and Betting Association EGBA, online gambling revenue in Europe is targeted to reach $99.5 billion in gross gaming revenue or GGR at a 19% growth rate in 2022.

The online GGR will reach 41% by 2026 from 26% in 2019. There is still significant scope for online deckers in markets such as Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. Europe has a diverse market for gambling and has a major player base. Europe has legalized gambling which produces a major player base from the country itself. Factors that make Europe the global leader in gambling include:

Gambling Generates High Revenue

Revenue is the ideal measurement of the economy for every industry. The gambling industry in Europe posted annual revenue of approximately $34.5 billion which indicates that the yearly amount a punter spends per capita is $72.33.

Obviously, some markets in Europe are highly profitable, but this also indicates that Europeans gamble massively and therefore all aspiring gaming companies need to apply for a gambling commission license to weeding out illegal companies. Due to a large number of gambling platforms, looking out for a reliable yet popular casino is a task. Obtaining a gambling license is a straightforward process which in turn develops healthy competition among gaming providers.

A Massive Sports Betting Market

The most popular sport in Europe is football and many fans extend their love for it via betting sites. Since football has a huge following, multiple wagers are on online sports betting. For example, a punter can bet on the result of the first half, the second half of the game, the player who scores first, the player who scored the most goals, the number of corner kicks, and also the number of cards in the game and many more criteria.

Investing in gambling is good for the entire business because both the company and the punter stand better in making money out of it. Football gambling is not only popular in Europe but in other countries as well. Due to multiple betting options, the number of gamblers in Europe has grown by more than 50% making casinos gain popularity and revenue.

Leader In Digital Entertainment

Europe is the largest market when it comes to digital entertainment due to its web-based gambling options. They engage a major portion of the audience because of a dominating global market which in turn generates a major revenue.

Europe offers strict regulations which instil trust and faith in punters by working with national authorities. They also offer companies premier services adhering to strict policies which makes them accountable Gambling operators. Europe’s dominant digital market not only consists of players within the country but also overseas players from across the globe.

Gambling Regulations In Europe

Most European countries allow gambling. However, individual countries are responsible for passing legislation for complying with Europe’s union fundamental freedoms. In a similar manner, certain jurisdictions have formed monopolistic regimes offering gambling services to punters.  These are operated by private operators or public operators which are controlled by the state.

However, they certainly allow more than one company for providing services and hence no provider undergoes favouritism or biases of any kind. So, the industry is categorized by different regulatory frameworks for ensuring compliance with European laws of gambling.


Europeans enjoy gambling since most of the biggest gambling companies are found there themselves. Legislatures in Europe have legalized online gambling which has allowed the citizens to gamble freely. Many independent brands operate in Europe and make the market more competitive.  Due to a massive rise in online gambling, the revenues have grown immensely which has attracted multiple business entities.

The increase in online gambling also benefits other sectors like the internet providers as they enjoy a major scale of economies. Online casino operators are integrating social networking apps for players to invite friends as well which in turn would increase the player base. Online gambling experts are also incorporating social networking into casinos for boosting the services provided.


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