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Will Mangalyaan interplanetary Mission to Mars be a success?

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The first phase of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), that saw the massive 44 meter high PSLV-XL C25 rocket majestically launch Mangalyaan into the Earth’s orbit on 5th November 2013 was a resounding success. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), termed the Mars Orbiter Mission as a ‘technology demonstrator’ project aimed to master the complex technology involved in designing, planning and operation of a interplanetary mission. If successful, ISRO would enter an elite league of space agencies, comprising just Russia, United States and European Union currently. The entire nation is already rejoicing the successful ‘textbook launch’ of Mangalyaan by the reliable PSLV rocket, that spewed smoke and fire after being launched from the first launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Space Center, located in Sriharikota, on the Andhra coast. As per ISRO, the culmination of their herculean efforts would be in September 2014, when the Mars Orbiter will be inserted in the orbit of Mars, if all goes as per the plan. The Mars Orbiter Mission of India has generated significant interest the world over, due to its low cost tag of $23 million, that is many times cheaper than the comparable probe developed by NASA. In addition, the Mars Orbiter Mission was completed in record time by ISRO, after Government of India approved the project as late as 3rd August 2012. All eyes are on the Mars Orbiter and ISRO, as it executes complex set of procedures to guide the Mars probe to its destination in the orbit of the Red Planet. Ganesha lauds the success of the first phase of Mars Orbiter Mission and analyses the event chart to predict whether the Mars Orbiter Mission would be successful in placing itself in the orbit of Mars in September 2014. Read on to know about the fortunes of Mangalyaan.

Ganesha observes the event chart of the launching of the Mangalyaan, and notes that four planets are conjunct in Libra, an Air Zodiac Sign. The benefic Jupiter is also posited in Gemini, which again is an Air Sign. The Moon is posited in the 10th House and Mars is placed in the 7th House in this Chart.

Event Chart :
Date : 05th November 2013
Time : 09:08 UTC (2:38 PM IST)
Place : Sriharikota, India

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Astrologically, Saturn and Jupiter are the primary signifers of any space orbital mission. In the aforementioned Event Chart – for the launch date of Mangalyaan – both Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in an Air Sign. Jupiter, being the signifier of the Ether element, is posited in Gemini and its Lord too is placed in an Air Sign. These are, more or less, positive indications. Also, the event occurred under Saturn Mahadasha, which is another positive sign in this regard.

The dynamic relationship between Saturn and Jupiter indicates that Mangalyaan will get success in moving out of earth’s orbit – which it has, as by now it has already crossed the 2nd (of the 8) stages of its journey. However, the period between 25th December 2013 to 21st January 2014 would be a sensitive phase, during which planets indicate some hints of some disruption or damage to the orbiter. If the Mangalyaan steers through this period unscathed, the journey ahead should be rather trouble-free.

However, March and April 2014, when the transiting Mars and Saturn will be in a retrogression motion, may also bring some frenetic, troublesome moments for this mission. This period may cause some stress or anxiety for the scientists, as there are some chances of mechanical or technical problems cropping up.

More or less, if this crucial time is handled well, the success of this mission shall be a given. Plus, astrologically, there are good chances of this trouble getting solved. Assuming that both the sensitive spots are dealt with well and the trouble evaded, the period from May 2014 should be expected to carry the Mangalyaan successfully ahead towards Mars. Amen!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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