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Woman breaks down as she’s turned away at airport over passport rule

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Hollie was left heartbroken as she missed out on a trip to France with her family due to strict passport rules in the EU

Hollie was left heartbroken as she missed out on a trip to France with her family due to strict passport rules in the EU(Getty Images)

A British mum has gone viral after sharing her gut-wrenching experience of being denied boarding for her family holiday due to strict passport rules. Hollie, who goes by the handle Hollieandthevan on social media, is an advocate for solo female travel and often tours the UK in her converted VW crafter with her kids.

In a recent TikTok video, she recounted how her much-anticipated trip to France was cut short before it even began, thanks to stringent European travel regulations. She spoke of the “heartbreak” she felt when she was turned away because her passport, although valid until 2025, had been issued over a decade ago.

Brits planning to jet off to the EU should be clued up on the passport regulations they must adhere to. Citizens Advice points out that you’ll need to renew your passport if it’s got less than three months left at any point during your travels, or if it’s more than ten years old on the day you enter an EU country calculated from the issue date of the passport.

The official website further clarifies that UK citizens heading to the EU or Schengen zone won’t require a visa for brief visits of up to 90 days within a 180-day span, provided the visit is for tourism. Other permissible reasons for entry include participating in a short study course, receiving medical treatment, business-related activities for a UK employer such as attending meetings or conferences, and engaging in journalism or media work.

The Schengen area, including countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy among others, holds strict passport rules for travellers, reports Birmingham Live.

Unpacking her recent travel nightmare while trying to holiday in France, Hollie shared on video: “I should have been in France with my husband, children and family this weekend. Instead, I was turned away because my passport didn’t meet the ten-year rule, watching my husband and children head off without me.”

In a bid to warn other keen globetrotters about these post-Brexit rules, she added: “I had no idea about this post-Brexit travel regulation and it seems so many of you didn’t either, so I thought I would share this so that you get the heads up that I missed.”

Painting a clearer picture of what happened, she went on to explain: “UK passports must have at least three months’ validity and be less than ten years old to enter the EU. My passport was issued in April 2014 and was therefore ten years old in April 2024.

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