Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Civil Society Week 2024

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Democracy starts with participation…

With the European elections in June 2024 holding the key to Europe’s future, the EESC as the institutional partner of civil society is launching the first edition of its Civil Society Week.

This flagship event will gather people of all ages and backgrounds, including youth, journalists and EU institutions, for a vibrant debate on topics that matter to our everyday life and Europe’s future. We will shine a light on the threats to democracy and the challenges in safeguarding democratic values. We will explore how best to mobilise our networks for citizens to vote and unleash the potential of Europe’s young generation.

#CivSocWeek will bring together 5 major EESC initiatives:

…to voice civil society’s expectations

Our aim for the week is for a diversity of voices from civil society to join in an intergenerational and inclusive forum on the way forward for Europe. Civil society organisations, including employers, trade unions, NGOs, youth and other groups, will discuss and identify what they expect from Europe’s future leaders at the European Commission and European Parliament. Their recommendations will feed into the EESC resolution for the new mandate.

Join us and rise up for Democracy!

  • Be inspired by our expert-led workshops and high-level debates.
  • Make your voice heard on key issues for Europe’s new legislative cycle.
  • Connect with civil society associations and leaders from all over Europe.
  • Engage with other networks and create synergies.
  • Learn about different ways to exercise your democratic rights.
  • And meet the winners of the EESC civil society prize.

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