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Huawei opens new Health Lab in Finland for research in Health and Fitness

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Recently, Huawei launched a new Health Lab in Helsinki, Finland, aiming to conduct research and provide better health and fitness support for users with wearables. The Health Lab in Finland expanded to 1000 square meters and consists of over 20 types of sports equipment.

Huawei Health Lab includes a multi-disciplinary scientific research team comprising 6 doctors in Science (PhD), and 20 experts from 5 fields – Physiology, AI, Machine Learning, Software testing, and Software Engineering from 7 EU countries.

The lab also has 5 major testing areas covering over 20 sports and tracking 200 physiological and biomechanical indicators. All of the participants will be monitored throughout their use of Huawei wearable devices such as the Watch GT 4.

The 5 main scenario areas include a counter-current pool, a ski simulator, a multi-functional treadmill and an instrumented treadmill, and an open gym area with various cardiovascular workouts. The counter-current pool at the lab is based on professional standards to assess swimming performance. The pool has dynamic water jets to reproduce a controllable current flow rate of up to 350 m3/hour and also allows the modification of water temperature and quality.

Huawei Health Lab Finland

The lab also introduced a ski simulator with adjustable speed, incline, and interactive routes and poles. The simulator is also built with sensors that detect the user’s speed, position, carving angles, forces, and performance data.

Huawei Health Lab in Finland has a treadmill that can test running, cycling, wheelchair racing, and more with an adjustable speed of up to 50km/h. The treadmill can also import GPX data from GPS devices to simulate real-world terrains and routes, and more.

Huawei Health Lab Finland


Huawei is collaborating with local Finnish Institutions and regional European experts. Huawei is partnered with iCARE4CVD, which brings together the medical and technology industry and the European Union, one of the most ambitious research initiatives in the area of artificial intelligence and cardiovascular disease.

Huawei has co-founded the Interlive consortium with 6 top European universities with scientific and testing standards for wearable devices. According to Huawei, the company is looking to further expand its cooperation with European universities and disability health centers to further its research into the needs of users with disabilities. Also, Huawei has promised to keep all of the user’s health data private and secret.


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