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National Fitness Day: Affordable activewear that won’t cost the earth

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Five of the most trustworthy, eco-friendly brands for sportswear that will last – and you won’t have to take out a loan to afford them.


We know that eco-friendly activewear can often come with a price tag that may put you off joining your local yoga class or finally committing to that half marathon you promised yourself you’d do one day. What’s more, choosing whether to invest in sustainable sportswear that will last and won’t break the bank can leave you agonising over price points and which brands you can trust.

According to the Pulse of the Fashion industry report in 2019, the fashion industry’s social and environmental performance has slightly improved but sustainable solutions are not being implemented quickly enough in all areas. Since it’s National Fitness Day over here in the UK, we thought we would address the sports apparel industry, offering you advice on the best brands striving to be kinder to the planet.

People Tree

Since its inception in 1991, People Tree’s mission has always been to partner with Fairtrade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers while committing to the highest environmental and ethical standards. They produce clothes that don’t only feel good on your skin, they look great too.

People Tree sells a wide range of activewear, but we particularly love the simple but effective Yoga Cross Back Top (£20) and Yoga leggings (£38), both made from 95% Fair Trade certified organic cotton. They are also produced without using harmful, synthetic chemicals. Sleek, sustainable and simply chic.


US based clothing brand Pact prioritises conscious comfort and is paving the way for guilt-free fashion to become more accessible. How are they committing to this mission? Through growing Organic cotton, being Fair Trade Factory Certified, using zero harmful chemicals and less water in their production process. That’s how.

Pact’s Pocket Leggings ($26.50) are a breath of fresh air with their breathable and sculpting stretch properties. They’re made with 92% Organic Cotton and are built to last while providing you with unbeatable softness. You never know when that pocket will come in handy.

Groceries Apparel

What’s not to love about 100% GMO-free, pesticide & herbicide-free, recycled & Fair-traded ingredients? (That was a mouthful). Groceries Apparel creates nothing but sophisticated looking, eco-friendly clothes, including a unique range of activewear.

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One of our favourites is a pair of Front Seam Leggings made with Vegetable Dye ($68) – the dye comes from roots, leaves, stems and flowers obtained from jungles, which are crushed, ground and sieved to create the dye powder. Another highlight for us would be the Aria High-waist leggings ($98), made with 92% Eucalyptus Tencel lyocell.

Threads 4 Thought

Looking for a range of innovative designs and a range of colours to choose from to build your new sustainable activewear wardrobe? Threads 4 Thought has quite the collection of leggings ranging from $44 – $98 a pop. Our favourites include the Claire High Waist ⅞ Leggings ($68) and the Malona Sports Bra ($58) as they look extremely flattering and are doing their bit for Mother Earth too.

The products are made from 88% recycled polyester. Threads 4 Thought invites you to consider that ‘every time you buy a product or support a brand, you’re casting a vote with your wallet’. Which is certainly food for thought.


You may be familiar with TALA as we interviewed the founder of this sustainable activewear brand earlier this year at the launch. We couldn’t leave it out of our recommendations, as we’re big fans of their expanding activewear range. Look no further for high-performance designs and sizes that prioritise inclusivity. The leggings, shorts, crop tops and bras are made from 92% upcycled materials and all packaging is both recyclable and recycled. The clothing item tag even contains seeds so that you can create life from your TALA product once you cut off the label. It’s a yes from us.

Our favourites include the Zinnia Leggings in Burgundy and in Black (£40) and the Zahara Bra in a lovely pastel yellow from the Core range.

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